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Babbling brook, budding tree.
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Welcome to my journaling web site!

Here you will have the opportunity to read from some of the ramblings I chose to put onto paper. There writings are reflections of my life or events, things or thoughts that have meaning to me.

Please know that many of these writings are about very difficult topics. They also discuss issues relevant to the life of gay men. If you find any of this difficult, unpleasant, or otherwise different then what you are looking for, please use this opportunity to look for other sites related to your interests. I would recommend as a great search engine. For the rest of you, please enjoy what you find on my site.

Please share your thoughts on my site and writings in my guest book. I would enjoy hearing from you. If you would prefer to contact me directly, there is an email link on the contact page. If you would like to use or share any of the writings that you find on this site, please contact me first. Thank you and happy reading. God speed.

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I hope to update this page often with new prose and short stories.

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What's New?

2-26-02: Filling a Role: This work explores the roles that we as homosexuals face and define in our lives. It explores the oppresive roles we struggle to fit into and to grow past and the new defenitions we find ourselves creating for our own beings.
3-1-02:I Dream of Love: This is a prose I have writen about my struggle to understand and grasp love in my life.
3-3-02:Life: A Short Poem about Life and the journey it takes us on.