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Babbling brook, budding tree.


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I am not a writer. I want to say that up front. I am a computer specialist. I find writing thereputic. I just wanted to share some of it.

I live in the north east, by myself for the time being. Currently I am on a long journey of discovery. This site will reveal an awful lot about who I am and about me as a person and spirit, a man and a soul. I invite you to read.

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

I am a network administrator for a small community hospital. I manage servers and the network while functioning as a member of the helpdesk support team.


I am a student of expository writing and the work of Muir, Leopold, Sandburg and others of the erra. I am drawn to the deatailed descriptions of Stienbech while the weaving intrecasies of Hall's plots keep me spell bound.

John Denver put it best, "I am a way cross country boy." Well in fact I am more a mix of folk and new age. I love the work of Jim Brickman and John Denver with forayes into classical, show-toons, pop, rock and everyonce in a rare while mild rap and rege. But my heart really does reside in the more soothing softer sounds.